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Why Windows 10 is good?

Mostly people attracts towards Windows 10 by it’s newly interface which Microsoft polish alot. In my experience obviously Microsoft improved the system management system of Windows 10 and added many new features

The Start Button is Back and is Actually Helpful
With Windows 8.1, Microsoft got rid of a staple of their brand: the start button. Windows 10 is bringing back the start button and making it more customizable than ever. If you liked the tile design of Windows 8, the start menu can be customized to keep bringing you those live-feed updates.

If you didn’t like the tile design and preferred the older start menus, you can actually resize the start menu and disable the tile function completely.

Windows Edge
Microsoft realized that users were running from Internet Explorer in droves. Far better browser alternatives, such as Chrome or Safari, were making Internet Explorer’s complicated and less functional design obsolete. For those of you who liked Internet Explorer, it can still be accessed through a simple search on Windows 10.

Windows Edge is a stripped down browser that attempts to mirror the simplicity of the competition while still being familiar enough for Explorer fans. Edge has some pretty interesting features, though, like being able to click-and-drag a box over a web page and send whatever is in that box to your friends.

Well, instead of using external software for security, Microsoft’s security solutions are now all done in-house.

One new security feature is Windows Hello. Instead of having to remember your go-to passwords or resetting your password because you can’t remember who your favorite band was when you set up a certain account, Microsoft developed Windows Hello. Now passwords can become extinct with fingerprint or face scanners and this new development will make hacking accounts more difficult.

Microsoft also created Device Guard for Windows 10 users’ protection by not allowing any apps to be opened or downloaded that come from unauthorized software vendors. Device Guard will determine whether or not an app is safe to use and alert the user if it is deemed untrustworthy.

DirectX 12, PC Game DVR, and Xbox One game streaming
One of the most popular uses for a Windows machine is – of course – games. Windows 7 is a tried and trusted gaming platform that has stood up well to the rigours of time, still delivering excellent performance, stability, and compatibility.

Windows 10 builds on this solid base with a few additional enhancements that might make you consider making the leap to the new version. The most obvious is the inclusion of DirectX 12, which has already seen some impressive bench testing results on a variety of gaming sites.

Virtual desktops
While it’s technically possible to have virtual desktops in Windows 7, via the Desktops v2.0 software available on the Windows Sysinternals site, Windows 10 has the feature included directly in the operating system. Simply click on the Task view icon located in the Taskbar (or use the WIN+Tab key combination) and you’ll be able to quickly add a virtual desktop by clicking on the Plus sign in the bottom right corner.

Now you can easily drag open applications onto the new workspace and declutter your various tasks. Navigating between them is easy, and as they all share the same data any changes you make will be universal

There are a number of other improvements that we’ve seen in Windows 10, including Snap Assist, Syncing desktop settings, Contiuum, Windows Ink, Refresh and Reset options, not to mention the new design language


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